What is MyLeafRx?

How can myleafrx help me?

Myleafrx is continually negotiating with the PBM’s on your behalf to find the lowest cost prescription prices available. While savings per customer vary depending on the number and type of prescriptions, myleafrx is saving the average customer over $300 per year on prescription drug costs.

Myleafrx is always free and no personal information is required.

Why use myleafrx?

Due to an unregulated industry, prescription drug prices can differ in cost by hundreds of dollars between pharmacies literally located right across the street from each other. Myleafrx can find you the lowest cost drug and save you up to 90% off the cost of your prescription.

Even if you have insurance, your plan may have high deductibles or exclude certain medications from coverage.

How do I use myleafrx?

myleafrx is 100% free and good for the entire family! It’s accepted at 35k pharmacies.

Simply print or show the pharmacist the myleafrx card when you pick up your prescription.


How do I find the discounted price for my prescription?

Simply visit the Drug Look-up page and type in your zip code. Then type in your drug name. If you want an even lower cost option, click the tab “Lower-cost Options” to see if a generic or lower cost option equivalent is available. You can always call our FREE Member call center for assistance too!