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Save money on your prescription drugs with myleafrx

Our mission is to provide our customers with access to lower cost medications via the myleafrx card.  Regardless if you have insurance, no insurance, Medicare or currently use another discount card, myleafrx could still save you money!

 We understand how expensive prescription medications can be.  Our discounts can exceed 90% of the cost of a prescription, depending on your medications.  We also understand that your brand medication and self injected medications will likely remain quite expensive even with our discounts, as with any or our competitors.  Generics certainly will save you more!  

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How it works

Head to your selected pharmacy with your prescription and a myleafrx®️ discount drug card in any of the following methods:

-Printed from a computer 

-Free card mailed from us

-Your mobile device with your digital card on the screen

Hand those to the pharmacist and myleafrx®️ and the pharmacy will do the rest.


Where do you go?

Our card is accepted at most U.S. pharmacies!  Check out our link below for access and pricing.  Pricing can vary significantly between pharmacies right across the street from each other!

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Find your pharmacy

myleafrx is accepted at most pharmacies nationwide.  

Click the link below to access and locate a pharmacy in your area.

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How much will my prescription cost?

All pharmacies price differently so it’s important to shop around.  We can provide an illustration of what a 30 day supply will cost.  Click the link below to find out what your medication will cost!

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More Americans unable to afford their prescriptions

- 1 in 4 Americans have a difficult time paying for their prescriptions

- Over 50% of American Adults are on a Prescription Drug at any point in time

- The average person fills 12 prescriptions per year

- The average price of a common Brand Prescription in 2017 was $307.86

- The average annual prescription drug cost per person is about $1800  

- More than half a million people spend in excess of $50,000 on prescription medication, and over 15,000 people spend in excess of $100,000 on their medication!

- myleafrx is a FREE card that allows consumers access to affordable, discounted drugs right from their current neighborhood pharmacist.


myleafrx Savings Example

Here is an example of a common drug, Gabapentin.  By using the myleafrx card, the member was able to save anywhere from $25 - $70.  Even more when utilizng mail order.


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